Bonutron sport pro 3kg

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Balance and performance for sport horses

As with humans, the choice of daily food is the first aspect that should be considered when optimising a horse’s health and performance. Feed does not provide all the micronutrients needed for a horse’s metabolism. Supplementation therefore plays an essential role in minimising the natural imbalance of horse feed.

With 29 nutrients, the BONUTRON SPORT formula is ideal for sport horses undertaking intense exercise requiring precision (show jumping, eventing, dressage etc.). It provides essential antioxidants and amino acids in addition to the usual BONUTRON ingredients.


For more than 30 years, the BONUTRON brand has been supplementing the feed of the greatest champions, providing micronutrients essential to their metabolism, based on their age and activity.
BONUTRON owes its position as French market leader to both its comprehensive and concentrated formulas and its controlled production methods (temperature, pressure etc.), which ensure that the most fragile ingredients (vitamins, probiotics etc.) are conserved during pelleting.

What users say…

BONUTRON SPORT users like the fact that it is easy to use. In a single step, it provides the micronutrients horses require during periods of increased activity.

Our advice

Plan ahead for periods when nutritional requirements are increased. Start administering three to four weeks in advance, so the horse can build up reserves.


3 kg box. Sufficient for up to 60 days’ use in adult horses.